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Bharata yoga

Bharata yoga, yet another of the yoga styles that revolves heavily around the practice of asanas (or postures). Has become an increasingly popular form of yoga, ever since the yoga tradition has taken the world by storm. This adored form of yoga is known as the brain child of Gert Van Leeuwen, who began practicing Bharata yoga in Amsterdam. Much like most yoga styles, Bharata yoga is thought to have healing powers. Often times associated with improving not only your overall mental well being, but your physical health as well. This beloved style of yoga is focused greatly on the improvement of spinal alignment through asanas (or postures). However, with alignment of one’s spine; you will find that this will lead to overall health in one’s body. Through these postures you will also find yourself improving your flexibility, overall strength, and posture as well. Making Bharata yoga a great place to begin for anyone who is wanting to get into the art of yoga practice.

Much like any of the other popular forms of yoga available to participate in, Bharata yoga is meant to heal. Through a combination of heavy asana use and breathing techniques; one will find themselves hooked on this style of yoga. Of course there are many other great perks to practicing Bharata yoga in one’s life. While you might have already considered the overall physical plus sides to practicing yoga. Many people become skeptical once you begin to talk about spirituality, and healing the mind through yoga.

With this said, it has been proven that Bharata yoga can help to alleviate the daily stress we put on our bodies. Through the methods of meditation and breathing, we allow our bodies to let go of this unnatural tension. Thus creating an inner harmony in your mind, body, and spirit.

In this three part article series, you will find all that you nee to know about Bharata yoga. Allowing you to make the decision on what style of yoga is right for you! While this style of yoga might not seem challenging enough for some expert practitioners. It is perfect for those who are either beginners or are looking for a means of medical aid.

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