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Benefits of yoga

Today, yoga is an extremely popular activity. Although yoga was once practiced mainly in the East, there are now many Western practitioners. People are attracted to yoga for its health benefits, especially its capacity to create a relaxed mind and body.

Asana yoga is the most widely practiced form of yoga in the west.. Asana yoga is designed to cultivate the mind and body in a manner that is conducive to long periods of meditation. Physical strength and stamina are key components of asana yoga.

Hatha yoga is the term used to mean a set of physical exercises. The exercises of hatha yoga are meant to align skin, muscles and bones. In addition, hatha seeks to open the channels of the body so that energy can flow freely.

Many people feel that practicing yoga on a continual basis helps not only physical well-being, but also mental well-being. Yoga helps to calm the mind, allowing practitioners to feel a sense of inner peace.

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