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Benefits of Meditation

1- Meditation takes us to meet True Love.

2- It establishes superior levels of consciousness.

3- It allows to attain inner harmony among body, soul and mind.

4- It opens the path to inner peace.

5- It improves the physical, emotional and mental health of the persons.

6- It contributes to calm restlessness and reduce stress.

7- It favors tranquility of mind.

8- The will is focused while making disappear the scattered anxieties.

9- It reveals the importance of the inner silence.

10-It shows our spiritual nature.

11-It gives right discernment.

12-It develops inner intuition.

13-It refines the intelligence.

14-It teaches to see unity in diversity.

15-It eliminates the scattered and negative thoughts.

16-It helps to overcome bitterness, resentment and hatred.

17-It awakens the creativity.

18-It contributes to the healing process.

19-It establishes compassion.

20-It strengthens our commitment to Truth.

21-It gives integral and spiritual strength.

22-It gives the realization of universal solidarity and compassion toward everything in existence, which is the key to peace.

23-It takes us to appreciate knowledge and wisdom.

24-It gives confidence that we will follow the Divine Law .

25-It shows that all sacrifice achieves its real mission.

26-It gives discipline in the art of relaxation.

27-It fixes concentration.

28-It makes possible to reach serenity.

29-It renews and improves the attitude to face daily living.

30-A consistent personality is achieved.

31-It awakens nobility, generosity, understanding and strength.

32-It improves personal relationships.

33-It removes the spiritual and psychological obstacles.

34-It awakens the real meaning of life.

35-Meditation guide us to the search for good.

36-It facilitates the capacity of understanding.

37-It strengthens the character of the person.

38-It gives meaning to what is just and true.

39-Prayer becomes a true and sincere dialogue with the Creator.

40-It eliminates self deceit and it eliminates the barriers of man toward a superior knowledge.

41-It reveals what is essential about things.

42-It awakens the psychic faculties.

43-Faith is strengthened with meditation.

44-It facilitates the process of forgiveness.

45-It allows a greater capacity to love the fellow beings.

46-It develops to the maximum the conscious capacity of the mind.

47-It takes us to experience the pure state of being.

48-It helps us to overcomes fears and phobias of the past.

49-Our thoughts and actions become coherent and they answer to our search for good.

50-Inner happiness is manifested in our heart.

Meditation is a process in which the spiritual experience develops and deepens. It first starts with simple, basic and general experiences such as been alert of the present and or self awareness but then, meditation offers another kind of benefits that are more certain and solid and which allow us to perceive what we were hiding and denying. But now and by virtue and benefit, it is revealed in a warm atmosphere of understanding and discernment. One of the benefits of meditation is to be aware of our limits and also to discover how to overcome them. The human being usually is negligent towards himself and even more towards the others. That is why the spirituality is also discipline because the inner changes of man are not only produced by wishing but by conscious effort and it has been said and is fair to explain that spirituality is a grace and a gift that is received and the explanation is that the gift received is a seed that has to be cultivated. That is why it is so much proclaimed the need to keep and to cultivate the spirituality. Because it is true that it is grace, divine gift but it is also a commitment and responsibility. It is a meeting that requires participation, sincerity and loyalty. Meditation benefits by making us aware of our real position in the path to the communion with eternal "Love"

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