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Anusara yoga 3

The overall philosophy of anusara yoga is that it is grounded in a Tantric style belief. OF which is focused upon the goodness of it’s practitioners. Instead of focusing on any one religion, it hones in on self consciousness and awareness. Allowing one to embody their own supreme being’s blissful nature, and surround themselves with overall happiness. This of course also includes the fact that the teachers of anusara yoga will teach how to find a higher purpose in life. Of corse allowing us to find a divine place in our lives.

The whole purpose of anusara yoga’s practice and intention is to find ourselves aligned with the divine. Thus creating a deepened state of peace in our lives. This style of yoga as a whole has an outlook of peace and love, allowing us to find an equality of self within our lives. However, many people are often times skeptical on this subject in yoga. Often times steered away from practicing, because they have the mis-conception that yoga is a religion in and of itself. While some forms of yoga may focus on one of many different holistic religions. Anusara yoga is known for it’s lack of religious belief. Instead focusing more on one’s own personal sensuality and spirituality. Allowing anyone from Christians, Buddhists, Hindu, and other religious backgrounds to converge into one space; for the hope of finding a little extra peace in their mind.

Anusara is known to live by the rule of saying “yes” throughout the practice. Simply because this tends to be a positive word. It is thought that by saying this word that we have an open sense of our own lives. Allowing the good to flow, while the bad seeps out of our minds. This is because the more positively we think, the more positive it is thought to be that our lives will be.
It is the goodness in nature and the overall universe that anusara yoga practitioners focus on. Instead of the darkness or harm that might happen in one’s life. Allowing us to heal our own minds, bodies, and souls. Also akin to the overall openness of this style of yoga.

In closing it is important to remember, always choose the style of yoga that feels right to you. Instead of going with what everyone else might be doing. You may find that once you participate in the right form for you. That you are a much happier person in all walks of life.

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