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Anusara yoga 2

While the amount of teachers accepting students for anusara yoga is staggering. Even more impressive is the amount of students that partake in these classes. The most accurate number of students recorded last was well over one hundred thousand world wide. However, it’s no wonder that the popularity of anusara is growing throughout the world.

With it’s uplifting philosophy that can be epitomized by the quote “ The uplifting of one’s heart”. Anusara yoga has been known to bring a well-rounded sense of self to any practitioner. So much so that anyone, anywhere, at anytime can be found practicing this wonderful new form of yoga. While some yoga styles may be found to be segregated with whom practices it, anusara yoga isn’t one of these styles of yoga. Instead you can find many different people practicing it. From rich to poor, fat to thin, gothic or prep anyone can enjoy this uplifting and spiritual form of yoga.

The overall community of anusara yoga practitioners has a familiar feel of family and closeness. However it can also be found with a looseness that you can only find with a group of good friends. Making it the perfect way to find inner peace and harmony through yoga.

Unlike many other forms of yoga, anusara yoga isn’t so much about any one religious belief. Instead it is more or less thought of a spiritual kind of yoga. Focusing on the belief of beauty and celebrating the overall worth of life. It is based on the foundation of truth, honor, freedom, and diversity. Allowing for more people to enjoy it’s uplifting and teaching nature. Rather then to be locked into any one religious belief or feeling uncomfortable with some of th religious teachings. Of which can be found in some types of yoga class.

Instead you will focus on the overall truth of yoga. You will go through a period of time where you are asked to look into yourself (self examination), the discovery of one’s self, and to open your mind up to different ideas as well. The teachers of anusara yoga are known to nurture creativity, and welcome a world without the rigidity of dogma.

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