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Anusara yoga, pronounced a-nu-sar-a has many different uplifting meanings. Some of which are “Flowing nature”, “ Following your heart”, along with “ Flowing nature”. This style of yoga has become one of the leading styles of yoga throughout the world. While many consider it to be just another form of yoga. This simply isn’t true. Anusara yoga is so much more, then your average yoga style that has gone world-wide.

You might be saying that there is no possible way that it is anything more then a style of yoga. However, anusara yoga isn’t just your average style of yoga. Instead, it was considered to be a school in it’s first years of life. This anusara school of yoga was founded in nineteen ninety seven, by a yoga lover named John Friend. Which was considered to be first and foremost a school of the style of yoga called hatha yoga. Of which, as you may know. Is a beloved and well known form of yoga. Despite its popularity, it wouldn’t take long for the considerations of anusara being a school of hatha yoga to dissipate. Thus causing anusara to be considered a yoga style all it’s own.

While it is considered to be a style of yoga, the schools of anusara yoga can still be found throughout almost every continent in the world. Even Antarctica is known for it’s world class anusara yoga schools and classes. All of which are available year round at multiple times per day everywhere. So that it is possible for anyone, with any schedule to enjoy this wonderful new form of yoga practice.

The overall growth of anusara yoga’s popularity is astounding. Reaching an overall assumed two hundred and fifty anusara instructors. That number being the teachers who hold certifications and licensing throughout the world. However, there are still more teachers in the learning curve in this wonderful art form.

In this three part series of articles, you will learn about this wonderful new form of yoga. Giving you an inside view of the many differences and the reasons why it is considered to be so appealing to the public. Allowing you to make a better decision on the right form of yoga for you and your family.

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