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While many people speculate that Anahata is named after it’s creator Ana. Those people would be wrong. Yes, though it does seem a little too close of a name to it’s creator, the name comes from the Anahata or heart chakra. The significance of the name Anahata for this yoga style is great. Simply because the heart chakra deals so closely with healing. This chakra is known to be positioned over the heart, often times associated not only with healing but compassion, love, humor, courage, as well as charity. Making it the perfect name for this heart felt yoga style, that has captivated many of it’s practitioners.

Another means of thinking of Anahata yoga’s namesake is that it is closely intertwined with karma. Chances are if you haven’t heard of karma, you are a beginner to the world of yoga, or have not met anyone who has been bitten by the yoga bug as of yet. Making it a means of following your own heart and thoughts if you will. Allowing yourself to become one with your body, to make positive decisions that will impact your life.

This of course also includes choosing to bring yoga into your life. Simply because it has been proven even medically, to have a profound uplifting effect on one’s life.

The overall practice of Anahata yoga is simple. It is a flowing form of yoga that first focuses on the exercises, postures, meditations, as well as breathing techniques. While it isn’t physically taxing like power yoga. It still holds the capability of getting you into shape. All without becoming too harsh on your limbs. Allowing anyone, in any life situation to practice yoga without fear of injury.

Like most forms of yoga, you will be met by a teacher. Of whom will casually teach you the movements of this style of yoga. Often times establishing the breathing techniques long before you practice asanas’s (or poses). Simply because in this form of yoga, breathing correctly is a major focus of the practice. Allowing you to breath in the much-needed air that we seem to be lacking in our fast paced lives.

Now it is time for you to choose your style of yoga. While Anahata yoga may not seem to be the right fit. I would highly suggest it to any beginner. Simply because it is a relaxed environment, with little strain on one’s body.


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