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Anahata Yoga as you have already learned, is the brain child of a woman named Ana. She took the wise words of her guru to create this beloved form of yoga. This form of yoga lovingly adorned Anahata yoga was registered with the Yoga Alliance in two thousand and two. However, that wasn’t the first year they began teaching this now popular style of yoga. Instead it was first taught in California in early two thousand and one, a year before it was recognized as a true form of yoga practice.

While many people think that the culmination of Anahata yoga stands on the wise words of one guru alone. That simply isn’t true. Ana had put forth years of study and practice of Raja yoga before it came into fruition.

Like most yoga styles of yoga practiced today. Anahata yoga has a base in spirituality. However, despite it’s having been inspired by Hinduism, Anahata yoga is fairly non-denominational. Making it a perfect fit for anyone, of any religious background. Simply because you don’t have to practice on form of religion to gain the benefits of Anahata yoga.

As you might have already guessed, Anahata yoga was created by Ana Costa here in the United States of America. Making it one of the few forms of yoga that were brought to life in the states. Thus making it all the more appealing to many American yoga lovers.

While it has a firm base in southern California, Anahata yoga can now be found in many different places. Not only including the rest of the states, but Australia, France, Brazil, New Zealand, Germany, and many more countries. Making it a style of yoga that has and will continue to be enjoyed throughout the world.

The overall flow of Anahata yoga is that it appeals to the meditative state of mind. Through a meditative flow of movements, Making it easy on the joints and good for the overall healing of one’s body. Anahata yoga is also known for it’s healing powers over the lungs, with it’s breathing techniques that are practiced throughout the class. Once you begin practicing this form of yoga, if you aren’t feeling the healing pull of it’s ways. Chances are you need to find a new teacher. Otherwise you will begin to reap the benefits of this yoga style.


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