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Anahata yoga has become more and more popular over the years. Known as the flowing and alternative method to hatha yoga, it was founded by Ana Costa. Her vision was to help connect and awaken it’s practitioner’s hearts and minds, through the practice of breathing. While this might not seem to be that important, Pranayama (or breathing exercises) has been linked to helping one release any stress they might feel. However that isn’t all that Anahata yoga has to offer. Much like any other style of yoga, through the practice of Asanas (or yoga postures) as well as meditation (or Dharna).

Ana Costa brought Anahata yoga into life with the thought of living for the heart. Inspired by an inspirational speech given by her very own guru. Those wise words that were uttered to Ana were “ Suicide to walk, sit, rest, talk or lie down with a caved in chest. Doing so starves the lungs of oxygen which later causes problems in the spine.” Which of course is similar to the practices and beliefs of all yoga at the roots. However it was these words that pushed Ana into breathing life into Anahata yoga itself. Giving us another means of perfecting our bad posture, open up our lungs, and allow us to feel the life force that has been pushing for years to enter our bodies.

This form of yoga practice is known to aid in the lifestyles of it’s students and teachers alike. Often times thought to give a certain amount of preparedness in one’s life. Thus sending them into the world more apt and willing to face life’s challenges.

It has become a thing of awe inspiring beauty at the sheer amount of practitioners. From a hand full of teachers in it’s beginnings, to more then two hundred certified teachers of Anahata yoga throughout the world as of 2002.

While it isn’t possible to write everything there is to know about Anahata yoga into an article. In this three part series, we will try to cover all of the basic must know parts of this different style of yoga. Making it easier for you to decide if it is the right style of yoga for you and your family to practice.

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