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Agni yoga

Agni Yoga, the spiritual teaching that was created and nurtured to life by Nicholas Roerich. However, he didn’t do it alone. No, he had help by his wife Helena in the early nineteen twenties.
The followers of this relatively new style of yoga believe that this teaching style was given to this family. Rather then simply being created by them. This form of yoga follows a similar teaching style of many other yoga forms. Mostly focusing on life, light, and the means of living ethically.

The term Agni comes from the Sanskrit meaning “fire”. Otherwise known as the practice of the god Agni. It is this god who is thought to manifest love, thought, creativity, and any other uplifting thought and feeling. For this reason it fits perfectly in this style of yoga. Making it an all-together religious but uplifting form of yoga practice.

Agni yoga focuses heavily not only on religion as a whole. However it is also thought that it is a practice for the common good of humanity. They can often times be found focusing their energy on psychic development, since it is thought to bring out the most of self healing. Thus making it possible to heal one’s own body, through the practice of Agni yoga.

Many of it’s practitioners and teachers, believe that Agni yoga is ahead of its time. Often times looked upon as the next level of spirituality. While this form of yoga may not be for everyone, it is definitely an option for anyone looking for spirituality. It will offer you a special means of getting in touch with yourself. Allowing you to express yourself in goodness and the light of life.

When joining an Agni yoga class you must be prepared to study! While your teacher would tell you what you should learn. Not all of them will go into depth of the religious side of this form of yoga. Instead, you will need to partake in a life of Agni yoga. Allow it to become a part of your own world. Which is thought to help bring enlightenment and happiness into anyone’s life.

Not the form of yoga for you? No problem! There are many different styles of yoga, to fit any walk of life. If you would like to learn more about the different styles of yoga, you can find the information on this very website


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