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Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga, otherwise known as the art of performing yoga in the air. That’s right. Much akin to the aerial dancers you see in Las Vegas shows like Circ De Soleil. However, unlike those dancers, this is another movement of the ever-growing yoga tradition. While this isn’t your mother’s yoga, it is indeed a recognized practice of the yoga art form.

However, it is at this point that you will begin to ask the usual question “is areal or mid-air yoga for me?”. While it might sound appealing, it isn’t suggested that your beginner or intermediate yoga practitioners jump head-first into aerial yoga. Instead, it is best to think of aerial yoga (mid-air or air yoga) as an expert or master level yoga practice. This is simply because it will take practice in several of the poses upon the ground before you hit the air.

While the term aerial may have you thinking that you will be suspended feet above the ground. In all actuality you are balanced only a few inches off of the ground. Much like a soft-trapeze act (or even a ribbon aerial act), one will use this equipment to lift the body up off the ground. It is upon this up-lifting that the practitioner will begin to practice their yoga movements. If you still aren’t sure what a soft trapeze is, it is best to think of it as a cloth hammock that will hold the practitioner up by the waist, lifting only slightly off the ground while you practice poses (or asanas as many of you know them in yoga).

One of the many draws about aerial yoga to many, is the fact that it revolves around the counteracting of gravity. Instead of fighting gravity upon the ground, you will get a sense of weightlessness on the soft trapeze. Giving you the ability (or so speculated by many aerial yoga practitioners) to further connect with yourself mind, body, and soul. This overall weightlessness is achieved by relieving the compression on one’s body. Especially on the spine and shoulders. It has been shown that aerial yoga can help to release tension, relax muscles, as well as increasing your overall flexibility.

Much like you might have anticipated or known, the practice or art of aerial yoga is a somewhat fresh spin on yoga. Of which has become more and more popular throughout the overall yoga practitioner community. Simply due to it’s appeal the overall of gravity defying nature of this new style of yoga. It is no wonder that everyone is talking about aerial yoga these days. However, while you might have heard about this brilliant new way to practice a fit and green lifestyle. There are few people who know exactly where this style of yoga came from.

The creator of this wonderfully addictive new form of yoga is Michelle Dortignac. Of whom first started holding classes in this particular style of self-made yoga in the grand New York City itself. These classes, and the overall practice of aerial yoga began in January of two thousand and six. Where she became a master-mind in combining your traditional yoga positions along with her extensive background of aerial dance. It is her proclamation that once your body has the chance to align itself mid-air, you will be sold on the idea of aerial yoga. Giving your body not only the chance to align itself properly with the reduction of gravity’s effects, but the mind as well as you are able to relax more readily.

A little tid bit of information on Michelle’s overall life and her life-long exploration of this ancient and modernly popular practice. First located in Colorado, deep within the heart of the Rockey Mountains that Michelle began to experiment. The simply had the right atmosphere to truly concentrate on the overall creation of this newly popular form of yoga. With her extensive background in Tissu dance (the art of circus aerial dancing).

Remember, once you have decided to practice aerial yoga, it is of the utmost importance to research your new hobby. While this might not be as readily accessible locally, it is suggested that you seek a professional teacher. This isn’t the style of yoga that should practiced alone at home. Simply because there are too many things that could go wrong. Making it possible for you to learn the overall concept of aerial yoga. All without having to risk yourself and your safety for the sake of trying.

Once you have learned what you need to understand about the overall basics of yoga practice. It is then time to begin your new chapter in aerial yoga practice. Unfortunately though, many people don’t take the necessary steps to learning yoga, before jumping head-long into aerial practice of yoga. Thus making it far more dangerous and risky to practice.

However with that said, that isn’t to say a beginner can’t start with aerial yoga with the right teacher. It is just highly suggested that you at minimum have a year to two years of experience of basic yoga before practicing it. Simply because many beginners become overwhelmed and nervous upon seeing the trapeze or yoga hammock for the first time.

Though once you begin to learn aerial yoga, you will find that there is very little to fear. You will begin to trust in your equipment, and will finally be able to find the inner peace that all yoga forms promises during practice. Especially since the lack of gravity pulling on your body, has been proven to speed this process of “letting go” happen far easier and faster.

Unlike some of the other yoga practices, there are a few perks to practicing aerial yoga. While some of your power yoga practices may target your core muscles. Nothing is quite like aerial yoga when it comes to toning and strengthening your core, shoulder, spinal, and back muscles. Creating an overall health of your body, that you simply didn’t know you could achieve through yoga practice.

Lastly, remember.. While yoga may seem to be a serious practice. It is important to have a little bit of fun and enjoyment! It has shown that aerial yoga’s peaceful and welcoming atmosphere have helped to elevate many a person’s spirits. Actually, many a newcomer has found themselves giggling over getting use to the yoga trapeze. Making it a much more elevated and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone! So, what are you waiting for? Look up your local aerial yoga practitioners today! Its time to take that next step in finding inner peace, a little bit more flexibility, and toning those muscles.

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